Dinner kit

In an article in NY times Middagsfrid is mentioned as the first service to do this. Middagsfrid is a company in Sweden that deliver fresh food with recipes that is delivered to you door on a weekly basis. Middagsfrid has been active since 2007.

Middagsfrid is family owned and has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. They aim to help people to eat good and well tasting food even though it takes some time and effort to do this. They simply put together recipes and food that they deliver to peoples home. This is done on a weekly basis and there’s a couple of different types of packages you can buy.

In Sweden there is plenty of services like this and to mention a few there is Linas Matkasse, MatHem, Matkomfort, Ecoviva, Coop Online and ICA. Linas Matkasse is a strong actor on the swedish market who do strong marketings efforts not at least on television. Also companies like MatHem do TV commercials and in addition MatHem also offer a complete online grocery shop where you can buy also the products you wish such as diapers, milk, bread and son on. Coop Online does also offer this same service as MatHem. Usually the price for delivery when you buy a dinner kit is included and when you buy specific products in their online stores you pay a bit extra for the delivery.

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There are a few combinations on how the set up is. Most of the companies deliver fresh food that you cook yourself and some of them deliver partly cooked food where you complete the final parts at home as well as some services that deliver pre-cooked food that you simply heat before you eat. One service with already done food is GI-boxen and one that offer partly cooked meals is Matkomfort.